Microsoft Windows 8 64bit update fail process

By owning a Dell XPS-1330 laptop from 2008 I am bound to be using a version of Windows.
This is fine because I am a long time fan and happy user of Microsoft software.
I also use Linux and OSX so it is all fine with me.

I am writing here to describe my frustration with Microsoft and the in ability to understand and cater to there consumers like me.
If I was the Product owner of Windows 8 I would be deeply ashamed with the upgrade path for existing users.

Here is the history before we start with the upgrade:
The machine has been upgraded from Windows XP 32bit to Windows 7 32bit (with 64bit on DVD family license).
The upgrade could have been done to 64bit without a clean install and I needed to have my apps then so I upgraded and excepted the lack of 64bit.

My curiosity for Windows 8 has been risen because of all the Surface thing etc, so i decided to do a clean install with hopefully a 64bit install of Windows 8.

When I started with the upgrade assistend it checked my system and found out that it could upgrade etc.
I decided it couldn’t because I want 64bit. I therefore downloaded it to an ISO and burned a DVD booted and installed the Windows 8.
It all went fine, until I found out that it had installed 32bit version of the OS.
You can imagine I was very unhappy with this. I had spend money and did not get what I wanted and payed for.

The next morning (after a cool down) I decided to call Microsoft Netherlands for advice and a download location of a 64bit ISO file for installation.
The guy picking up the phone was Mark Boots, he started to ask me about my PC and I explained the situation.
His answer was that I should buy a full version Windows 8 license for around € 150,-.
I was outraged and told him about upgrade paths on OSX and the costs involved.
I also told him that I would involve the “Consumentenbond” in this customer decide, he made me clear that he wanted to have his name included so again, Mark Boots.
And may I suggest you train a little more because I have found a legal solution.


  1. Buy the upgrade and order the DVD’s to your home with an extra charge of € 14,-
  2. Go and find and Windows XP or Windows 7 64Bits machine with your language version installed.
    Use the upgrade assistend and your own license to download the the ISO file (be careful not to upgrade that machine).
  3. Go to a (Pirate something) site and download an unaltered retail version of the 64bit version of the install DVD for Windows 8.
  4. Download a trail version and install that and insert the license later. (untested, just theory)

All the above solutions will result in an ISO file download which you can burn to a DVD and boot from to make a clean-install on your target PC.

To Microsoft:

  1. Why isn’t there an ISO download place with all versions?
  2. Why don’t I get 64bit ISO and 32bit ISO downloads?
  3. Why is the Language thing still so hard for you and not for OSX/Linux?
  4. Why are your trained “Professionals” so bad and not service oriented?
  5. Where can I send the bill for this consulting job?
  6. Why have you let me down as a long lasting customer for a very long time? I even do VBScript and own Windows Servers.