Innovatiewedstrijd HTML5

Last month in November I have entered a competition to Pitch for a HTML5 based search filter for a Dutch classifieds site .
My idea was to make a big canvas to let customers explore the content more and let them have more fun with the platform. My experience in this field tells me that the competition (2dehands, Schibsted SCM, OLX and Gumtree) of eBay Classifieds have a more compelling proposition in the rest of Europe, so my idea is based on making it a more european experience.

It was a long shot because I know that the Dutch company probably would find it to “ground breaking” to introduce on their platform.
Therefore I think I might look for others in this market that would like it or just build it for my use on top of other API systems around europe.

To comply with the openness  that we all like to be having, I am publishing this idea here on my website. Lett me know what you think.