Google+ vs Facebook

Google+, you might have heared about it by now. It is a new socail network made by Google.
Orkut, Buzz are networks that already are run by Google.
The Google Profiles pages have been changed to Google Plus profiles and all the information is used in the network.

My first thoughts about Google+ are that it looks sleak and that the circles feature is a very good user expierence.
The circle expierence is also possible on Facebook with Circle Hack.
The biggest USP of G+ is the following priciple.
On Facebook you need to confirm your friendship to have anykind of communication/interaction.
On Google+ you can “follow” someone simmiler to Twitter. This means that the user is played the same way to become an influencial person with 5 friends and 500 followers.
On Facebook this can only be done with having 500 “friends”.

I think Facebook will be implementing something like the follower feature in the short future.
Facebook also has a very large addoption in the developer user base and features on other websites.
Google has the advantage on having a very large number (500.000) Android activations a day.
This means that it could be possible for them to have 100.000.000 users within a year via the Android phones only. This is a very large number and could be achieved within a year.

I can’t wait to see where we are in a year on this epic battle.